Welcome fellow pinball enthusiast, to my corner of the web – dedicated to one of my passions, pinball.

Col’s Pinball Mods started as a pursuit of perfection, I’m semi retired but keep my hand in as a Ski Instructor at the local dry slope this leaves me lots of free time to spend with my little fella who is pinball and classic arcade mad and generally into all things retro.


The Love of Pinball

The pinball and arcade connection come from the fact I am of a certain age where I saw the very 1st arcades came to our shores in the form of Space Invaders and I was immediately hooked, a decade on saw the demise of the classic arcades and they were overtook by driving/fighting games which were just not my thing. So in the early 90’s I turned to pinball in the early 90s.

About this time I started an import business on the upcoming Console market long before the big names hit our shops with the likes of the PC Engine, NES, megadrive and so forth. This in turn helped me buy my 1st pin in 1991 which was Funhouse and it turned out to be an awesome choice purely by fluke.

Since then I think I’ve owned almost every Williams/Bally pin ever made and some of them 2-3 times. I have actually lost count of the number of pins through my hands but it must be very high double digits now.


Back to the pursuit

As I said, this all started with the pursuit of perfection, or as near as possible as can be mustered. .

I wouldn’t say I’m a great fan of mods in general and have done very few to my pins apart from my Twilight Zone which I have owned over 20yrs and it seems the go to pin for modding as there’s so many bits and bobs been produced for it. Lots of these somehow found their way onto mine by chance and the fact I’ve had 3 Twilight Zones,  one of which had most of my current mods on already.

Anyhow at the very beginning of the year I took delivery of my 2nd JJP pin which was a HUO The Hobbit and the guy had several mods fitted at great expense but the one that really stood out for me was the Green Plastic Protectors.

I ordered a set of these for my Twilight Zone, at great expense and found the quality was just nowhere near what I was looking for. I thought to myself, I could do that better. After a huge level of investment in tooling and personal time, Col’s Pinball Mods was born.


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